Ninigret Pond
Ninigret Pond

One of the largest salt ponds, Ninigret Pond lies within the town of Charlestown.  Land use within the pond watershed and along its shoreline is principally residential with some light commercial.  There are three small marinas on the pond.  The size of the boats which can navigate it is limited by the extensive shoals and the narrow winding channel that connects to the sea through the breachway.  Ninigret Pond is host to a wide variety of intensifying summertime uses, including sport and commercial fin and shellfishing, water skiing, wind surfing, oyster and hard clam aquaculture, boating, and birding.  More than the other salt ponds, Ninigret is surrounded by large tracts of publicly owned land:  former Naval Air Station land along the north shore (now a National Wildlife Refuge and town park), a state beach along the barrier at the west side of the Charlestown Breachway, and a town beach with parking on part of the eastern barrier.

Like the other salt ponds, Ninigret Pond provides important spawning and nursery grounds for a variety of fish and shellfish, whose abundance shifts with the seasons.  Intensifying use with its attendant conflicts and pollution problems are challenging the traditional ecosystem balance in the pond.

This text is from Salt Pond Watchers Summary Data Report 1985 – 1987, Coastal Resources Center, University of Rhode Island Technical Report No. 10, October 1990, by P. Kullberg, V. Lee, and M. Platt.

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