Southern RI salt pond region Pawcatuck River and Little Narragansett Bay Pawcatuck River and Little Narragansett Bay Winnapaug Pond Quonochontaug Pond Quonochontaug Pond Ninigret Pond Green Hill Pond Potter Pond Point Judith Pond Lower Pawcatuck River and Little Narragansett Bay Potter Pond
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Winnapaug PondWinnapaug Pond

...or Brightman's Pond, in Westerly, is the furthest west of the southern RI salt ponds monitored by SPC. The shoreline is fairly developed, including residential areas, golf courses, and a heavily developed beach area.  Water is exchanged with the ocean via the Weekapaug breachway.

Quonochontaug PondQuonochontaug Pond

...is the deepest and most saline of the southern RI salt ponds. It is located In Westerly and Charlestown between Winnapaug Pond to the west and Ninigret Pond to the east, and is connected directly to the sea by a breachway that was built in the 1950s.  Much of the coastal barrier to the south is undeveloped.

Ninigret PondNinigret Pond

...is one of the largest salt ponds and is in the town of Charlestown between Quonnie Pond to the west and Green Hill Pond to the east, to which it is connected by a channel. Land use around the pond includes national wildlife refuge plus residential and some light commercial areas.

Green Hill PondGreen Hill Pond

...is relatively small with a densely developed residential watershed located mainly within South Kingstown.┬áNinigret Pond is to the west, to which GH Pond is connected by a narrow channel, and Trustom Pond is to the east.  GH Pond is the most heavily impacted by nutrients and bacteria of our ponds. 

Potter PondPotter Pond

...located in South Kingstown, was once known as Fish Pond because of its unusually productive fishery resources.  Green Hill Pond is to the west and Point Judith Pond is to the east, to which Potter is connected via a tidal inlet.  The north end of Potter is a deep glacial "kettle hole."

Point Judith PondPoint Judith Pond

...is located in South Kingstown and Narragansett.  It is one of the largest and most heavily used of all the ponds.  Surrounding development ranges from open areas to the intense commercial development of the port of Galilee, home to RI's fishing fleet and the Block Island ferry terminal. 

Lower Pawcatuck and Little Narragansett BayLower Pawcatuck River and Little Narragansett Bay

...are not coastal lagoons, but make up a very important estuary in southern RI.  SPC's partner, Save the Bay, has been monitoring this estuary and we include their water quality data in our database and reporting. 

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All SPC data are stored in a MS Access database, from which we produce thousands of reports showing water quality trends (PDF files).  Reports include both data tables and plots, and may be accessed through clicking on markers showing our sampling sites on a Google Map. 

SPC's water quality monitoring program is sponsored by our membership and, in part, by the RI Rivers Council.
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