Salt Ponds Coalition—Policy for the Dissemination of Technical Data

The SPC is chartered to protect the cleanliness of the Salt Ponds and educate the public as to the criticality of all aspects of the ponds. It accomplishes its mission in three main areas. First, the collection of data about the health of the salt ponds-- these data form the base from which it proceeds to take much of its follow-up action. Second, performing the advocacy role-- using these data and other information, advocating for the health of the salt ponds with Town Councils, Boards, DEM, CRMC, environmental and community groups, and the general public. Third, the educational facet of the SPC mission includes seminars, field trips, kayak trips and the dissemination of information through the media, brochures, newsletters and e-mail.

1. The basic premise of the SPC policy regarding data and analysis is that it shall be made available to whoever asks for it. The raw data can be made available, but it is usually made available subsequent to various analysis and interpretation.

2. The primary media to make the data available will be on our web site, www.SaltPondsCoalition.org. At times, on request, the data will be made available in hard copy form, but these will be limited to unusual circumstances and the requestor may be asked to pay for the printing. There may be a limited situation where, due to the nature of the data and its complexity, the data will only be made available, after explanation, in hard copy. That data will be identified on the copy as to the identity of the requestor and the author. Multiple copies may be numbered for tracking purposes.

3. The SPC requires that each use of the data provided, by whatever media, give credit to the SPC as the source of the data and the date of that reference information.

4. The SPC data will state that it represents the best effort of SPC, a non-profit, volunteer based organization, to collect, analyze and interpret the data. The data will also clearly indicate that the SPC is not liable for any detrimental results due to the collection, interpretation, use or analysis of the data.

5. Routine requests for data may be filled by the Executive Director or the Chairman of the Environmental Committee. Other requests should be brought to the Board of Directors for discussion.

6. A Disclaimer of Liability is attached to this policy and is to be sent to all users of the data upon first time use of the data and annually thereafter.

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